Step Into My Asylum

Step Into My Asylum is an ironic glimpse into the chaotic life and times of its principal author, L.A. Kessler (a.k.a. moi). Here we observe, dissect, rant, preach, ponder and philosophize until we get sick, and then feel better. This is just the beginning to what I hope will be an interactive e-column with many guest contributors.

Where You Come In

We all have our own creative asylum where the real thoughts that matter are nourished. What does yours look and sound like? Anything on this website resonate with you? We want to hear your feedback and reactions, as well as your own philosophical pearls. Remember, the Mission of Skyla Entertainment is to unite like-minded artists and individuals who want to make a positive difference in the world. To submit your own ideas or potential e-column, send us an email with the words "SIMA Submission" in the subject line.

SIMA Articles


Like many artists I am constantly pondering the right and wrong ways to maintain a career in the arts - with creative integrity - and still pay the rent. There are many creatively difficult questions, however I am inspired by the recent increase in what I consider the "Millennium Enlightenment." Everyday more people are realizing that the purpose of designing faster technology is to make the technology work faster - not to keep raising the bar on ourselves as we try to meet its pace like dogs chasing carrots on an industrial treadmill........these are just a few favorite mantras in the asylum today.

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