The Hanger

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Free-Style Score / Guided Improv

A one-person semi-improvised act open to interpretation. The actor/actress can wear anything they want, but they should have a shirt or overcoat they can take on and off during the performance to momentarily hang on a hanger.

Premise: An ordinary, everyday object is used for something it is not intended for. The hanger represents illegal abortions.

Required: 1-4 hangers and two chairs to use as props

Performance Instructions

Intersperse the following characters to make a point. You choose the character's personality and opinion on abortion:

a politician

a young girl

a panhandler on the black market

a sheriff

a salesperson on the Home Shopping Network

an audience member

your own ideas

Complete Score and Stage Directions Available

L.A. Kessler
March 2000

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