Releasing Eve

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for actress, dancer and flute

Narration - Carolyn Gonzales
Dance - Laurie Behunin-Maus
Flute - Anne Epperly

L.A. Kessler
July 1997

View the Interactive Performance Groups (IPG) performance of
Releasing Eve in Real Media. [28.8] [ISDN]

PERFORMANCES: Pisa, Italy, New York

I wanted to fly
but she clipped my wings

I needed to cry
but she suffocated my tears

I was eager to run and leap
but she would only let me crawl

I wanted to sing with joy
but she said I must be silent


Once I planted a glorious red rose
as a gift
but it dried up in her savage sun

I clothed myself in
festive reds and yellows
but she handed me
her cloak of black


She said I must be strong like her
but she only weakened
my spirit

I asked her once, "What is love?"
and she poured me a cup
of her cynicism


I needed a mentor
to be successful
but she pushed me away
from her ladder


I actually felt sorry for her once
but she despised
the kindness I offered

I needed her to nurture me,
but she fed me
with her broken dreams

I reached out my hand...
She stomped her foot...

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[NYU-Pisa New Music and Dance Ensemble]

[Pisa, Italy July 1997]


I told her she needed the friendship
and the peace I could offer
but she rejected me in disgust


She is a tower of hollow steel
devoid of love,
or emotion,

She is independent
and needs no one

and yet...

She is a lonely, isolated child,
with love or sunshine


I needed a friend, someone to listen
She gave me
savvy business advice

I needed tranquillity, some peace of mind
She gave me her money
but walked away


She left early
every morning
to meet us

but her heart and soul
seemed always
to arrive


She was successful
but a failure

I was a failure in her world
but I was happier

She wanted me to become
the person she
could never be

I left...

and become the person

I was meant to be

It is not clear what relationship the narrator and dancer/actress have in this piece. Is it older / younger sister? Mother / daughter? Boss / subordinate? Mentor / mentee? Elements of all of these are suggested during the performance. Each of us at some point has known a strong -willed woman with the power to build as well as destroy. The energy of these women can invoke our anger and frustration as well as our admiration and respect. Often we find a competing love-hate relationship somewhere between both ends of the spectrum. This piece examines this phenomenon from both women's points of view and leaves the audience to decide: Which woman is "Eve"? What does it mean to release and be released? In what ways are both women strong and powerful, and why do we allow this phenomenon to occur?

--complete score available--

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