Frozen In Time

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For piano, flute and cello

Performed by Ken Hansen (piano), Michele Darling (flute) and Andre O'Neil (cello)

L.A. Kessler

June 1997, Frederick Loewe Theatre, New York

Frozen In Time was a piece memorializing the loss of my Grandmother. It is not simply about the void felt when someone dies and the refusal to accept this reality, but also a celebration of life and comforting memories - in this case, of three generations of strong women, each represented by different instruments and movements within the piece. Compositionally, the form is a linear journey through a tangle of emotions and mental flashbacks, ending as it returns to the present where a strong foundation from the past provides the strength to face the future.

See also I Know A Place, the companion poem to this piece, in Step Into My Asylum.


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