Music & Mixed Media

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  1. Mirrors
    also Coming Soon - Mirrors - The Album

  2. Frozen In Time

  3. Mannheim Remembered

  4. Caterpillar Meditation

  5. The Wanderer



  1. Releasing Eve

  2. Somebody's Child

  3. Photo-Poetry Synectics, Untitled

  4. Caterpillar Meditation



The following works were created in an Interarts Collaboration Seminar at New York University. It was led by Professor Leslie Satin, a dancer with a diverse interarts background and a particular interest in the Fluxus movement of the 1960's. Fluxus can embody great depth and sheer simplicity in the same breath, and offers an intellectual departure from the tired refrain of today's pop culture. Below are some experimental works modeled after the Fluxus philosophy.

  1. Supermodels

  2. The Hanger

  3. Indeterminate Work Routine

  4. Impossible vs. Improbably Score


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