The Peace Factory

The Peace Factory is the division of Skyla Entertainment dedicated to philanthropic efforts. It is also a project in development that will become the principal interarts performance vehicle for the Skyla Arts Network. We are currently seeking artists of all genres who are interested in future collaborations. Future themes include (but are not limited to) the Millennium, Racial Equality, Globalism, Honoring the Disabled, The Consequences of Technology, and Body Image.


Skyla Health

TOPA (Toward Older Person's Awareness )

TOPA is a non-profit organization founded by Susan Fenton in New York City, with support from corporate sponsors including Ralph Lauren, Cosmetics Plus and Redken. Its primary aim is to make hospital stays for the middle-aged more enjoyable by providing contemporary-edged entertainment for middle-aged patients who make up the largest percentage of hospital patients, yet often receive less visiting attention than their younger counterparts. L.A. Kessler has been a regular contributor to the TOPA Foundation and has performed often at St. Roosevelt's and St. Vincent's Hospitals in Manhattan. The Peace Factory encourages NYC-based artists to perform at TOPA-sponsored hospital events. If you would like to get involved, please send us an e-mail with the word "TOPA" in the subject line.

Mannheim Reunion Committee / Holocaust Remembrance [link not active yet]

Please also visit Mannheim Remembered.

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