Photo-Poetry Synectics, Untitled

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Synectic Photograph

Barbara Kessler

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"The image in this photograph is a lot like me. At first, it seems somewhat shallow - not worthy of too much of your time. However, if you choose to explore the image and get to know the person, you will find a human being that is as fragile as the leaves, as complex as the rich textural surface, and as deep as the crevice."

Synectic theory engages the use of various multimedia sharing interpretive properties through extensive use of metaphor. It can be a joint or solo interarts collaboration that encourages personification. Barbara Kessler wrote a masters thesis on An Evaluation of a Series of Lesson Plans Which Integrate Synectics Into a High School Photography Program. She serves as Visual Arts Director at Colonel White High School for the Arts in Dayton, Ohio.


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